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Teaching Children Social Skills: 

This workshop provides me the chance to start helping you and your child, in the convenience of your own home.

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Become a part of our unique community of parents, where you can ask your own toughest parenting questions online or over the phone and get quick, reliable help, using proven techniques.

You’ll soon have the power to end all the frustration and embarrassment of bad behavior and restore the well-behaved child you know and love.

Let me help turn your tears and frustration into laughter and smiles. :-)

  • Positive Discipline;
  • Ending Tantrums;
  • Solving Aggressive Behavior problems;
  • Resolving Power Struggles;
  • and even more.

You can also participate in our frequent Online Webcast Clinics, listening to other parents’ questions and learning from their parenting experiences.

During our clinics, you can even ask your own toughest parenting questions by phone or through the Internet. And you’ll always get reliable, proven solutions,personalized to solving your child’s behavior issues.

In the online community that our parent-members and I are building, you can also share your own experiences and share your parenting triumphs, using my parenting strategies now used by over 2,140 Parents and 1,192 Teachers and 52 Social Workers nationwide.

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