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Positive Discipline Workshops
Positive Discipline-Part 1
This first hour of the workshop series highlights the foundation steps of I messages and empathy to manage emotions in the framework of positive discipline.

Positive Discipline-Part 2
This second hour of the series teaches the importance of using positive intent as a foundation step of positive discipline. The hour also includes proactive techniques including teaching apologies, positive directions, catching children being good and types of praise.

Positive Discipline-Part 3
This third hour introduces the importance of and how to use choices in the discipline process. It also includes a discussion about parenting style and assertive voice and alternatives to “no.”

Positive Discipline-Part 4
This fourth hour focuses on natural consequences, logical positive and logical negative consequences. Consequences are meant as an end point in the positive discipline framework.

Positive Discipline-Part 5
Dr. Rene reviews setting clear boundaries and how to best manage power struggles. This includes the use of contribution, choices and logical consequences.

Positive Discipline-Part 6
Join Dr. Rene for this valuable workshop on managing tantrums, whining and backtalk.

Positive Discipline-Part 7
Join Dr. Rene for this hour on teaching children assertive voice, listening and negotiation skills, reward systems and power assertive discipline.

Positive Discipline-Part 8
This covers guidelines for effective use and related pitfalls of time-out and 1-2-3 Magic. This also includes ways to address tattling, and bickering vs. fighting vs. aggression.

Positive Discipline Refresher

Understanding Your Child’s Misbehavior
Understanding why your child misbehaves goes a long way towards helping you to best address the behaviors and shape the discipline. This workshop reviews common reasons and how to best manage.

Proactive Discipline Techniques
Proactive techniques are designed to encourage positive behaviors to happen more often. This includes positive directions, catching good behaviors, descriptive v. evaluative praise, alternatives to “no” and parenting styles. These are quick and easy skills to learn that can have a big impact.

Time-Out and 1-2-3 Magic
Join Dr. Rene for an hour on the guidelines and pitfalls of Time-Outs and 1-2-3 Magic. There are specific ways these techniques are designed to be used and lots of additional ways parents tend to use them. If you are going to include these in your discipline, learn how to be most effective. This includes time-ins and guidelines by age.

Calm Parenting 1
Join Dr. Rene for this introduction to calm parenting and several techniques that may help you to find and connect to your own sense of calm. This includes shifting responsibility for behaviors, focusing on yourself, thinking of family accounts and learning to respond rather than react.

Calm Parenting 2
In this follow-up session, Dr. Rene will discuss the idea of building space in families, ways to increase a child’s sense of responsibility over time and review related discipline techniques to build a sense of calm.

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General Development Workshops
Cognitive Development
Join Dr. Rene for this important workshop on cognitive development. This will include a brief overview of common debates such as nature v. nurture, critical periods and the differences in development for boys and girls. We will discuss ways to encourage early literacy, language, math reasoning and executive function and other general guidelines for parents.

Language Development
Join this workshop to learn typical paths of language development, milestones and red flags in the process. We will cover ways to encourage early speech and ways to build later vocabulary through early elementary school.

Emotional Development
Emotional competence is a broad concept that develops largely in the first ten years of life. We will discuss the component pieces and how parents can model and coach to support emotional development. This will include information about children birth through 12 years old.

Social Development
Social competence is based on children’s emotional development and their social skills. This talk will focus on the social skills necessary for children’s success. This will include information about children birth through 12 years old.

Motor Development
Dr. Rene will discuss typical milestones in motor development, what is important and how to challenge and build gross and fine motor skills through play. This will include talk about recess and PE and the impact of motor skills on academics.

Join Dr. Rene for an hour on temperament. This includes identifying temperament traits on continuums, the heritability and consistency of temperament the importance of this in the parent-child relationship.

Join Dr. Rene for an hour on the development and importance of the attachment relationship. This includes how we define and measure attachment and what healthy attachment looks like. We will also discuss how this overlaps with the attachment parenting movement.

Sexual Development
Join us for an in-depth discussion of typical sexual development by age through adolescence. This includes how to best address masturbation, catching children “playing doctor” and options for how and when to have the talks.

Self Esteem
Self esteem is an outcome based on a child’s social connectedness and their sense of accomplishment. Dr. Rene will cover how this develops in infancy through the late elementary school years. This will include a list of things parents should and shouldn’t be doing to boost children’s sense of self.

Raising Boys vs Girls
There is a huge amount of research happening on the differences between boys and girls in how they develop language, approach learning and process emotions. This information has an impact on how we discipline, teach and challenge them. Dr. Rene will present ideas that benefit your parenting in the classroom and at home.

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Play Workshops
Importance of Play
Dr. Rene will cover how play develops, the benefits of play and how to find more time for play. This will include ways to support their independent play and how temperament may impact the play process.

Floortime is a specific approach to play created by Stanley Greenspan. It is designed to support a child’s intellectual, social and emotional development. We will review the benefits and guidelines for this type parent-child exchange. This is viewed as beneficial with children birth through ten years old.

All About Toys
Dr. Rene will cover the guidelines for toy safety, how to choose toys by age and interest and ways to get more life out of your toys. A great workshop before you shop for the holidays!

Designing Play Spaces
Pulling from her life as a preschool teacher, Dr. Rene will provide ways to design and organize your playspace. We will discuss setting up play areas and what should be included in each.

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Other Issues Workshops
Empathy, Guilt & Forgiveness
This workshop focuses on the developing sense of empathy across the early childhood years and ways parents can best support the process. This will include the impact of guilt and how to teach and encourage apologies and forgiveness between children.

Teaching Manners
This workshop includes how and when to teach and expect manners and social skills. This includes ways to curb whining, interrupting and demanding.

We will define perfectionism and ways to identify if it a problem for your child. This will include a wide range of ways to best address perfectionistic tendencies.

Money, Chores and Allowance
Join Dr. Rene for an hour focused on teaching children about money. This will include introducing and managing chores and allowance by age, how to teach saving and spending and ways to make it fun.

Children’s Understanding of Death
Dr. Rene will present information about the development of a concept of death including what children understand by age and how to answer their questions. This includes their grieving process and guidelines for their participation in related services.

Attention Issues and ADHD
Join Dr. Rene for a workshop on ADHD and attention issues. This will include the criteria for diagnosing ADD and ADHD with full descriptions of each disorder. We will discuss who to see and what to expect from evaluations and ways to build attention span in young children.

Grandparent Issues
We will discuss the benefits and how-to’s of encouraging a grandparent-grandchild relationship and guidelines for how to manage when things are not going well. This includes a list of concerns identified by current grandparents in a recent study and resources for all generations in the family.

Join Dr. Rene for a discussion of how to find balance in providing for children without giving too much, the benefits of having less and being focused on quality over quantity with toys and activities. This will include ways to teach empathy, gratitude and volunteerism to children.

Managing Children’s Fears and Anxieties
Join Dr. Rene to discuss what is normal and not in children’s fears and how to help them best manage. This will include the differences of typical fears and worries with anxiety. We will review ways to address anxiety from teaching emotions to the basics of cognitive-behavioral therapy.

Teaching Respect
There are many ways to introduce and teach children about the idea of respect. Join Dr. Rene for an overview of the approaches from addressing diversity to teaching manners and care for the environment.

Helping Your Angry Child
Join Dr. Rene for this valuable workshop on teaching children to recognize, express and calm their emotions. This will include a discussion of what’s typical v. red flags and how dealing with emotions differs from meltdowns.

Teaching Personal Safety
Teaching safety is a difficult task because it needs to be in a way that informs without being too scary. This will include general guidelines for teaching an assertive voice, asking for help and identifying categories of adults. We will also discuss guidelines for leaving children alone and internet safety.

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Education Issues Workshops
Parental Involvement in Education
Dr. Rene will discuss the importance of having parents involved in children’s educational experience and how to best do this by age. This will include a list of things parents can do at home that count towards academic participation and ways to encourage early academic motivation.

Academic Motivation
There are a wide range of ways to build early academic motivation. Pieces of this workshop overlap with our positive discipline workshops, our information on scaffolding, teaching decision making, reading aloud, homework and self-esteem. This is a good course to take and review throughout the elementary school years.

Reading Aloud
Reading aloud to children has been cited by the National Education Association as the being single most important factor in developing successful readers. Dr. Rene will cover tips for reading aloud and choosing reading material by age.

Early Reading and Writing
This workshop will focus on the development of reading and writing skills through the early elementary school years. This will include activities by age to support the process and make it fun.

Early Math and Science
This workshop will focus on the development of math skills and reasoning through the early elementary school years. This will include activities and games by age to support their learning. We will also discuss introducing scientific method and ways to build math and science into daily experiences.

Scaffolding is a parent or teacher’s approach to problem solving with children. When you help a four year old with a hard puzzle or a fourth grader with difficult math homework your language, approach and tone are all a part of scaffolding. We will review the guidelines of making this an effective effort.

Learning Styles & Multiple Intelligence Theory
Dr. Rene will review the common categories for identifying children’s learning styles and how this can help in the parenting and classroom process. We will also cover how styles differs from a Multiple Intelligence approach and the benefits of looking in a broader way.

Choosing a Preschool
This workshop covers NAEYC accreditation, what to look for and ask about on school visits, the importance of open houses and brochures or websites. This includes a brief discussion on types of preschools.

Kindergarten Readiness
It is the time of year that parents and teachers are focused on pre-K and Kindergarten readiness. Dr. Rene will cover this from the parent and the teacher view, things to consider when making the decision and how to prepare once it is time to start Kindergarten.

Parent-Teacher Communication and Conferences
Dr. Rene will cover the basics of parent-teacher communication and ways for both to best prepare for conferences. We will discuss how teacher can present difficult topics and ways for parents to move forward with with any recommendations.

Managing Homework
In this hour Dr. Rene will provide answers for common homework battles and guidelines to build academic motivation. This is most appropriate for parents of children in grade school.

Learning Disabilities & Special Education
Dr. Rene will review categories of special education focusing on diagnosing learning disabilities. This will include the schools’ process from child study through evaluation and eligibility by age.

Summer Academic Loss
Summer is often viewed as a well deserved break from academics. The problem is that children tend to lose valuable skills over the summer months and teachers have to play catch up each fall which wastes valuable classroom time. Join Dr. Rene and learn fun ways to keep academic ideas strong through the summer.

Recess, PE and Early Sports
We will cover the importance of physical education and recess in the schools and ways to encourage skills at home. This will include when and how to introduce team sports and related competition.

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Common Issues Workshops
Does Birth Order Matter?
Ever wonder if your children’s birth order matters? Have you thought about how your own sibling relationships shaped you and the impact that may have on your parenting? Dr. Rene will discuss the impact of birth order on children’s social and cognitive development, personality and rivalry. This will include talk about related variables like spacing, gender and parent’s age.

Managing Competition
Dr. Rene will discuss the natural development of competition in children as part of a sense of self. This will include ways to manage their frustration and disappointment, as well as how to focus them on individual effort, practice and cooperation. We will discuss when and how to introduce competition in sports.

Sibling Rivalry
There are several parenting guidelines that when followed can dampen children’s sense of rivalry. If you are unaware of the guidelines, you may easily be making things worse. Join Dr. Rene for this valuable workshop about how rivalry develops, signs of concern, and keys to lessening the tension. This will include ways to manage bickering, fighting and aggression.

Ever wonder how many activities are too many? Have trouble deciding what to sign your children up for? Dr. Rene will present guidelines for scheduling children’s activities by age and the risks of overscheduling. We will also discuss how so many families today have become overscheduled and steps to fix it.

Holiday Stress
It is that time of year! Join Dr. Rene for a workshop on managing holiday stress and help your family enjoy upcoming events.

Stress: Risk and Resilience
Dr. Rene will cover the impact of community, parent and child-focused stress on children by age. This will include signs of stress and what children need in response. We will also define resilience in children and cover a list of ways to build resiliency.

Managing Mealtimes & Picky Eaters
Join Dr. Rene for a workshop of managing mealtime behaviors and ways to avoid children developing picky eating habits. This includes the main guidelines for nutrition and encouraging a wide range of foods without pressure.

Bedtime Routine and Sleep Issues
Join Dr. Rene for a discussion about the importance of and guidelines for bedtimes and healthy sleep habits. This includes the sole of sleep associations and what to do about night wakings. We will cover a variety of approaches to sleep including cry-it-out, check-in methods, gradual move-out and co-sleeping.

Potty Training
This will cover a variety of approaches including the Fast-Track method, the Potty-Practice method, the Baby method and Potties Without Pressure. We will discuss early readiness signs, real readiness signs and not-readiness signs and what to do once you are ready to potty train. This includes several ways to build interest without pressure.

Seperation Anxiety
Dr. Rene will discuss typical paths of separation anxiety and general guidelines for managing goodbyes and practicing separations. This will include suggestions for what parents, sitters and schools can do to smooth the process. We will cover two approaches most commonly used by preschools.

Teaching Social Skills
Dr. Rene will provide many helpful guidelines for teaching children social skills. This will include what social skills are important by age, how to best offer playdates and outside resources that are available.

Social Aggression
Social Aggression is a growing problem for school age children. Dr. Rene will discuss ways to effectively curb this by addressing the aggressive child, the victim and the bystanders. This will include ways to build a sense of community overall.

TV and Technology
Dr. Rene will discuss common guidelines for amount of screentime and the research on it’s impact of attention issues, early academics and aggression. This will include things parents should consider when making related decisions.

Dr. Rene will discuss the development of honesty in children by age. This will include how to talk about and build honesty in the earlier years, as well as how to talk about dishonesty and handle lying as they get older. We will identify signs that dishonesty is problematic.

Parenting as a Couple
Join Dr. Rene for this valuable workshop on defining parenting style and finding common ground when parenting as a couple. This will include a few guidelines for managing discipline, setting clear goals in families and making time to build individual relationships within the larger family system.

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