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For over 10 years, Dr. Rene’s Parenting Workshops have been praised for being very informative, thorough and practical. Parents walk away with many helpful ideas and ways to better approach and manage family dynamics. Drawing on her experiences as a school and developmental psychologist, preschool teacher and mom, her workshops provide parents solid answers on a broad range of parenting topics. These valuable workshops are now available as online audio content that you can listen to at your convenience. The online workshops include hours of information and advice on positive discipline, sibling rivalry, managing mealtimes, sleep issues, potty training, academic motivation and so much more. The online membership also provides two ways for you to ask Dr. Rene your parenting questions. You can do this easily through the weekly online Q & As and by scheduling consultation time at a discounted rate. Please take a look around and join us today!As a member you will have access to Dr. Rene’s library of audio workshops. See Full List of Workshops
You will also be able to get answers your parenting questions during Dr. Rene’s weekly Q & A sessions. See Full list of Q & A Sessions

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