Parent Workshops
by Dr. Rene Hackney

A Balanced Approach by a Trusted Expert

Founder and creator of Parenting Playgroups, Dr. Rene is a recognized expert, coach and consultant on parenting and child development. An in-demand speaker on a wide range of parenting issues, Dr. Rene offers Workshops throughout the Washington DC metropolitan area.

As a mom, preschool teacher and Ph.D., Rene pulls from her vast experience having taught and trained thousands of children, parents, teachers and social service professionals. Far from preaching and lecturing, Dr. Rene's Workshops are interactive, fun, balanced and provide real, actionable options and solutions for parents to put into practice immediately.

The Positive Discipline Workshop and all the Parenting Topic Workshops are designed so that parents will feel:

  • Equipped to make the best choices for their child and family

  • Knowledgeable about how to diffuse difficult parenting situations

  • Relieved to have the vast amount of parenting information data distilled into an actionable plan

  • Supported by Dr. Rene and her team of professionals

  • Able to create positive, healthy communication approaches with their child

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