At Parenting Playgroups, we are proud to have helped so many families, parents and children in the Northern Virginia area.

Here are some “raves” about Parenting Playgroups Workshops and Programs.

Parenting Workshops
I enjoy learning, especially about parenting topics.  Dr. Rene's Workshops are great because they are thorough and well-researched.  She'll tell you what she thinks, based on her education and experience, but she also presents many viewpoints so you can choose what works for you.   I feel good about myself as a parent because I am actively thinking and learning about my child's development and my family. 
 - Jennifer McDannell
As a parent who has completed one of Rene's classes, I can tell you that Rene is amazing.  Her teaching style is 'interactive' and she welcomes and encourages the parents to share, and ask questions.  The program offers solutions that not only address the behavior of the moment; but also lays the foundation to teach your child 'right' from 'wrong'. 
 - Georgia T Herron
Dr. Rene has given me new set of language and tools to use in encouraging my children to shine in their own way and grow up to be empowered, thoughtful and compassionate people.
 - Lisa Guernsey Krupicka, mother of 2 and author of Into the Minds of Babes:How Screen Time Affects Children From Birth to Age 5
Not only was the material in the class useful, but I especially liked the way Rene presented it.  Although I do read self-help books, those alone do not seem to be enough.  Rene's method of presenting material helped me to connect with her, which in turn helped me to apply the techniques to my own situation.
 - Elizabeth Sweetland
The Parent Workshop information is easy to understand.  You walk away feeling like you have some new techniques to try as well as new ways of thinking.  I learned much more than I thought I would!
 - Mom and Parenting Workshop attendee

I attended Dr. Rene’s Parent Workshop about separation anxiety.  I was astonished by how much I learned; I left a much more confident and empowered parent.  This was an *incredible* gift, for both me and my child - I am profoundly grateful.


You can't afford *not* to take a class.  Parenting is HARD WORK!  Even the very best parents among us have questions, get tired or lose patience sometimes.  We all deserve the gentle guidance and sound support that Parenting Playgroups so skillfully delivers.

 - Kara
What I like most about Rene is she is not at all judgmental.  She will talk about all forms of positive discipline, she tells you about it, tells you how to use it correctly, and let's you decide if that particular method will be helpful to you and your family.
 –  Denise
I wanted to thank you for your fabulous presentation at our membership meeting.  I can honestly say that we’ve never received more positive feedback on a speaker as we’ve had with you!  People seemed to especially like the number of concrete examples you gave – we’re all finding ourselves practicing!  Thank you Dr. Rene!
 - Chrissy Boylan, Parent Education Chair
Thank you so much for the fantastic presentation on Sibling Rivalry last week.  It was very informative and all of the attendees had positive things to say.  When you speak to our group, we get record turn-outs!  Thank you.
 - Jessica Deering




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